The sale of the device is not linked to the vehicle plate number. You can freely share your ENC device with your friends and family. However, it is important to have the right device category, for which the ENC was purchased.

ENC cannot be transferred from one category to another. Therefore, when making a purchase, think carefully about which vehicle category you need the ENC device for.

Example: if you make one trip in a passenger car with a trailer, you will need a category II. device. If you will go back without the trailer, you need a category I. device.

These accessories do not count towards the overall height of the car. So if you have a roof box or a roof rack on the roof of your car, you will still need an ENC device for category I.

You can get into a negative balance only by one transaction (one section). However, if the credit on the device is negative, balance it within 30 days to avoid the device being blocked.

Don’t leave a minus balance for next summer.

Example: You have the balance of only 12 EURO left on your ENC device, but the toll for the next section costs 40 EURO. In this case, you will manage to pass the toll gate, but you will get a negative balance of 28 EURO and you will not be able to pass the next toll gate before balancing it out.

Before each trip, you can request an account statement and at the same time you can calculate how much HRK you will pay for the entire trip according to the price list.

When driving through a toll gate, it is important to follow a few basic rules:

1. Correctly installed toll equipment,
2. Maximum speed of 40 km/h,
3. Selection of the correct toll entrance (It is typically lined up on the right hand side and marked with a green ENC sign),
4. Keeping a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you (10 metres).

Please make sure to really follow the last point above. If you do not keep the 10 meter distance, you may be fined twice at the toll for that section.

The box is typically sticked on the inside of the windshield  of your vehicle. However, in our experience this is not necessarily needed. If you do not want to stick the ENC device on the glass, just place it on the dashboard when passing through the toll gate.

There is a simple advice. Stay in the right lane and enter the right toll gates marked as „ENC“. Most of the time, ENC gates are unserviced and you cannot pay by cash or card.

In that case, please call us as soon as you find out that don’t have your ENC device. We will block the device and provide you with a new one. We will transfer the credit left on your old device to the new one.

If you have a French-made vehicle (Renault, Citroën) or a vehicle with a heated windshield, hold the device out of the window when passing through the toll gate.

These vehicles have a specific windshield material and an error may occur and you could get charged twice for one section or you won’t be allowed through the toll gate. To avoid this flaw, please hold your ENC device out of the window.

If you have a PREMIUM or EXCLUSIVE membership with us, you can simply recharge your credit via the HAC app, with a 21% discount. If you have a BASIC membership, you can top up your credit via our simple top up form.


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