CATEGORY 4 - Tow truck​


4 950 Kč / 210 €
Including VAT

ENC equipment for Croatian toll gates. The equipment is designed for vehicles of category 4, so it is necessary to comply with one of the following specifications:

• a vehicle with four or more axles with a mass of more than 3500 kg
• a vehicle with two axles weighing more than 3500 kg and towed by two or more axle trailers
• three-axle vehicles with a mass exceeding 3500 kg which tow a trailer, irrespective of the number of axles of the trailer

The device is portable, i.e. it can be borrowed among friends, acquintances. It is not tied to a specific car or license plate number. It is only necessary to meet the category 4 specifications.

ENC equipment also includes:

• BASIC membership (can be upgraded to BASIC PLUS, PREMIUM or EXCLUSIVE)
• support in Czech and English language
• 24-months warranty on the device including battery

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